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“Whether you are a beginner or a master knitter, you’ll love to read about fibers, knitting, exhibits, designers, and more.” — Living Crafts

“Knitters looking to explore their favorite craft will enjoy Steege’s adventurous approach.” — Library Journal

“Whether you leave this beautifully illustrated book out on the coffee table to flip through while you sip your tea or toss it in your knitting bag to peruse on the go, this is one of those books that will get your creative juices flowing and your needles clicking.” — Lapdog Creations

“…A comprehensive guide to all things fiber for chicks with sticks, and guys, too…The novice knitter will find everything she needs to know–and more–about the basics, and the experienced knitter will discover new twists to the hobby. The appendix alone is worth the price of the book…This is a book the knitter will return to again and again. One can only pity the poor crocheters who must wait for their version.” — Publishers Weekly

“…If you need a knowing friend to help guide you on the who, what, and where of knitting, this is your book. At its core, The Knitter’s Life List is a book of possibilities…Steege surveys all the nooks and crannies of the knitting world and presents them in an easy, comprehensive overview—a Frommer’s guide to the imaginary land of knitting. It points out all the most important people, places, and things of interest, still leaving lots of back streets for you to explore on your own.” — Knitter’s Review

“Are you in a knitting rut or just want to try something new? The Knitter’s Life List could be just the spark to send the knitting part of your brain into overdrive. This book is full of fun and interesting information. I loved to pick it up at the end of my knitting day, when my hands were tired of knitting, but my brain still in knitting mode.” —

“Take a few of these suggestions every week and before you know it, you’ll have an impressive arsenal under your belt. And that belt will be knitted!” —

The Knitter’s Life List will entertain and occupy every level of knitter.” — Chicago Tribune, syndicated

“Now we have a book that proves something I often say: the horizons of knitting are astonishingly infinite. No matter how long you live, you may never have time to try everything in this alluring compendium of possibilities.”

— Cat Bordhi, knitting designer, publisher, teacher, speaker, author

The Knitter’s Life List reveals a startlingly fresh approach to becoming a well-rounded knitter.  Knitting along the depth and breadth within its covers will enrich any knitter’s skills and understanding.”

 — Beth Brown-Reinsel, instructor, knitwear designer, and author of Knitting Ganseys

“What a wonderful book! It makes me want to be a knitting newbie again, just so I can begin exploring the knitting landscape with this book as my travel guide.”

 — Donna Druchunas, author of Successful Lace Knitting,

“One more list of things to do? Absolutely! Gwen Steege has created the ultimate magical journey for knitters. Connecting remarkable snippets from knitting history to modern day casts and characters, don’t be surprised if all your other lists are suddenly left undone.”

— Linda Cortright, Wild Fibers Magazine

The Knitter’s Life List plumbs the depths of this obsession we call knitting in an irresistible blend of techniques, resources, people and inspiration. Let’s hope you can read while you knit because this is a hard book to put down.

Sarah B. Anderson, self-taught spinner, instructor, and writer

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