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Random Acts of Knitting

March 12, 2012

I’ve been driving around for several years with a bumper sticker that reads “Practice random acts of gardening.” I love the whole idea of creating anonymous displays for no other purpose than making people smile. That’s why I’ve been enjoying those quirky knitting projects that have been bubbling up so often around the country: yarn bombing. We’ve probably all seen photos and articles about this so-called guerilla knitting, but if you discover examples where you least expect it, they truly do make you screech to a halt and smile. Last summer I stumbled on a parade of knit-covered fence posts and road signs in the small town of Worthington in western Massachusetts. No one was around the pretty little town center late on a sunny, summer afternoon, and the colorful poles seemed to take on their own proud personalities. From the other side of the country, a friend sent me photos of this yarn-dressed MINI Cooper, which was a feature of the 2011 Utah Arts Festival in Salt Lake City last June. Organized by the Blazing Needles yarn shop and knit by a host of Salt Lake City knitters, it was just one “Random Act of Art” on display at the festival. Have you been surprised by any “random acts of knitting” lately?

A group in LA took a different, and very thoughtful approach to their yarn bombing activities:

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