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Color your fiber world!

February 9, 2012

Okay, you have The Knitter’s Life List in your hands and have every intention of creating your personal list drawn from the book, as well as from your own experiences. I’ve been asked for advice on just how to get started, and my first thought is to begin with what you already love.

Because I’m always drawn to color and texture, color is right at the top of my ongoing life list. I love discovering unexpected, highly successful color combinations. If that’s your interest, too, the Internet has hundreds of sites that will lead you down the garden path of exploration. Warning: Many of these sites are addictive! Three recent discoveries that I especially enjoy using are,, and Each is full of inspiration, but I especially like the interactivity of the Adobe site: You can download a favorite photo, and the program pinpoints several key colors drawn right from the image. I found I could bring up yarn color cards on half my screen, and compare them to the kuler swatch palette on the other half of the screen. This is a photo of materials I’m developing for a weaving project, including a photo taken at the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco, the kuler swatch suggestions, and the yarns I’m considering. I didn’t follow the kuler color choices exactly, but they helped me examine my photo more thoughtfully and grasp the overall mood of it, as well as its color theme.

Color is a powerful element, present in every part of our lives. It can cheer us up, let us down, inspire or depress us.  Our color choices can make or break a design. Great color combinations sing!  Where do you find yours?

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